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Spike Tool Inc History — The Story of the SPIKE

In 1975, Ron Mock, a newly graduated University of Toronto engineer, joined Ontario Hydro (Toronto, Canada - now known as Hydro One. One of his first assignments was to observe field linemen who were repairing underground electric power cables. The following is what happened on a particular job. Electrical power to a specific cable was shut off at both ends of a repair site. A trench was dug surrounding the exposed cables. An Amp meter was used to identify that power was shut off between termination points. An experienced guess was made to cut into one of the exposed cables. A lineman handed Ron a hacksaw and he ended up cutting into the correct de-energized cable. Lucky guess. That night, Ron sat down with his father Phillip, a field supervisor with Ontario Hydro, to design a safety device which would provide further assurance that an electric power cable was de-energized before cutting. The SPIKE Tool was born in 1976.

Over ten percent of SPIKE Tools have been returned since, damaged beyond repair due to spiking an incorrectly identified energized cable. Loss of life or serious injury has been avoided using SPIKE in these cases.

Spike Tool in Use

In Memory Of

Phillip Robert Mock
September 1, 1928 - March 16, 1998.

Employee: Ontario Hydro from June 1, 1953 - June 30, 1989

Ron Mock, PEng President SPIKE Tool Inc

Ron Mock worked at Ontario Hydro (Toronto, Canada) from 1975 to 1986. For the first five years, Ron worked in the Underground Distribution (0-44kV) and Underground Transmission (115-230kV) Departments. This included field work, design, construction, and research.

Ron then worked in the Electrical Engineering Department designing control, shutdown, and power systems (up to 15kV) for Pickering and Darlington Generating Stations. When Ron left Ontario Hydro, he was in charge of nuclear safety for Pickering Generating Station.

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