Don't Guess...SPIKE it!
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The SPIKE Tool


SPIKE Tool Specifications:

  • Remotely operated
  • Lightweight portability at 7 lbs.
  • A larger tool accommodates cable sizes up to 3-1/2" OD.
  • Used on thermoplastic or thermosetting insulation and oil impregnated paper insulation
  • Used on aluminum and lead sheathed cable and interlock armored cables
  • Pierces cable through it's center core
  • Creates minimal cable damage
  • Uses low velocity loads for actuation

    Cable Spiking Tool Actuation

The SPIKE Tool
SPIKE Tool Inc. is the world's largest supplier of cable spiking tools. We sell one product: 

SPIKE is a safety tool...
designed for the sole purpose of protecting maintenance lineworkers by providing positive assurance underground electric power cables are de-energized prior to cutting.

Responsible electric power system operating and maintenance procedures and in some jurisdictions health and safety law stipulates that prior to cutting an underground or buried electric power cable it is spiked to ensure it's de-energized.

The SPIKE Tool is a standard for underground electric power cable maintenance and repair and is used as a standard training tool in lineworker apprenticeship programs.

Over 10 percent of SPIKE Tools have been returned since 1976 - damaged beyond  repair due to spiking an incorrectly identified cable -- Loss of life or serious injury has been avoided using SPIKE.

The SPIKE Tool is designed for remote operation, lightweight field portability, low maintenance and a lifetime of dependable service with maintenance and repair.

Don't guess...SPIKE it!

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